Janitorial Service Facts

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In my opinion there are three types of janitorial services.

In House Labor
We will first cover in house labor. An office cleaning service that uses in house labor is typically the most reliable. The janitorial service has control over the quality of cleaning and it’s own employees. The contract is usually month-to-month and has a 30 day notice clause for cancellation. It has been our experience at Sky Building Maintenance Network that in house labor services have the best customer service and a heavy focus on operational excellence.

Subcontracting firms are very similar contracts to the  house labor. The difference is that the service does not have much control over quality. When choosing a sub-contracting firm be careful to investigate the license, bond, and insurance of the contractor as well as the sub. It has been our experience that these types of services have great difficulty handling large facilities.

Franchise companies often have the same service level as a sub-contractor but the contract can become a bit sticky. It is often difficult to cancel service even if the company fails to show up for service. Th contract usually automatically rolls over and the master franchise has little or no control over the quality of service. For this reason this is least recommended type of Building Maintenance provider.

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