Janitorial Services In Orange County And Irvine CA

Thank You for visiting my blog. You have probably landed on this page because you are interested in hiring a Janitorial Service. Allow us to help you with your decision.

When hiring a new janitorial service it is important to realize that not all janitorial services are not alike. I have over ten years experience in janitorial services and have seen many companies fail at what should be a simple business to master. Supervision of the labor force is usually where most companies lack skill. Experienced supervisors with strong management skills and a customer first attitude are an essential key to success. A strong human resources department as well as screening and training ensures quality supervisors.

Quality control is another aspect of the business that many janitorial services lack the necessary skills for success. We provide day time quality control inspections on a regular basis. You will meet with an Account Manager in the day time to inspect the quality of service you are receiving. The next step is where most services fail. We send the Account Manager back the next day to ensure that all areas of the quality control meeting were corrected.

If you are interested in janitorial services call us for an estimate and custom proposal for your office cleaning needs.

Our quality of services is guaranteed.

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