Fall Janitorial Services Tip

As fall is upon us and the rainy season begins there are a few things you can do to reduce janitorial services costs and keep your building looking at it’s best. During rain using additional mats in entrances can keep your flop surfaces dry and free from dirt being tracked in to the building. Not only will this keep your floors dry, it will help to reduce the safety hazards of wet slippery floors. Carpet cleaning should be scheduled at times when there is not consecutive days of rain and the ventilation system should be left on in the building to assist with drying.

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching and ensuring that all doors handles, telephones, and surfaces that people come in to contact with are properly cleaned. The microwave oven can be a potential for spreading illness. We train our janitors to properly clean and reduce the risk of spreading illness. Keeping your employees healthy helps to keep your business running smooth.

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