How We Conduct Quality ControlI in Janitorial Services

Quality control is a phenomenon that has come to play a significant role for Janitorial Services. Cleaning companies and customers alike are now more than ever, well informed of how important it is to maintain a healthy working environment and the structural well being of the facility. The need for a clean environment both indoors and outdoors is constantly and continuously being emphasized by the need to improve cleaning methods and services.

Our research was to find out how cleaning companies can effectively implement quality control procedures in the cleaning service. We have noted  the importance of quality control in cleaning, and  designed a process to bring together the concept of quality and how quality control procedures can be applied in our cleaning service. The nature ofour research is qualitative and the approach used was through an interview with the company’s CEO, questionnaires to 8 workers, a 5 month company data entry complaints log, 15 customer survey analysis, and a 5 month working hands on practical experience of the cleaning work in the company.

Effective quality control procedures in the industry. The findings can be adapted by any cleaning company and also used by scholars as well as customers to further their knowledge in understanding what quality control procedures are and what to expect in the overall cleaning quality service.

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