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At Sky Janitorial Services in Lake Forest we have created a program to provide you with a high quality service you can depend on.

We all know the benefits of keeping a clean and tidy home but with millions of us spending a huge amount of time at work, we need to think about taking those good habits to the office.

Offices are the ideal breeding ground for germs and a common way to spread diseases due to the variety of people that use the same space. You may think the dirtiest area at work would be communal toilets but surprisingly it is our desks, which only 30% of us bother to clean.

The humble office desk has been found to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with the area where we rest our hands having on average 10,000 bacteria. Heavy workloads make eating at desks a tempting (and sometimes a necessity!) but beware…tiny crumbs and bits of food falling in between the keys make an ideal environment for bacteria to breed, which is why you are likely to find 70% more bacteria here than on a toilet seat. It doesn’t stop with the keyboard though; the office phone is the next great problem area. Close proximity to your mouth and contact from your hands means the average telephone has around 25,000 germs per square inch.

An average 72% of workers believe that working whilst they feel ill is likely to spread the illness around the office, yet 52% of us still feel bad for calling in sick. Being a martyr to your illness though will probably do more harm than good for the business as cold and flu viruses can survive up to 18 hours on hard surfaces. High contact areas such as water cooler buttons are a serious risk for illness transmission and 80% of infections are spread through a simple business handshake.

As businesses strive to stay healthy in today’s economic climate, it pays to invest in a clean and healthy working environment for staff. We can assist you in a program that will provide a high level of service that will fit your Company Budgte.

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