Green Cleaning and Green Janitorial Services Hype or Fact

Depending on how much you follow janitorial cleaning services you may be wondering about all this talk of Green Cleaning and Green Janitorial Services . Let’s get down to the bottom of this now. All janitorial services should be “Green”. When you really sit and analyze green cleaning and standard cleaning there is not much of a difference. The practices are pretty much the same. I suppose you could tell the janitor to think green thoughts while he is using a mop, but that is just a little ridiculous.

The truth is that a Green Janitorial Service is really just re-branding the same thing that cleaning has always been. Using chemicals with  a lower voc content that are healthier for the indoor air quality should be the goal of any company. Does this really make them any “greener” than any one else? The answer is no. When you are looking for a service it is important that they are not selling under the smoke and mirrors of being greener than someone else just because they claim it.

I have been in the industry for over ten years and when green cleaning was first marketed I was very interested and intrigued. I went to the major “green” certification companies and became green certified. Only to find that had had wasted time and money on something that is a simple as buying more Eco-friendly chemicals. Don’t be fooled in to paying more for green janitorial services when there is really no difference in cost.

If you are interested in a custom proposal for you building and would like to discuss green janitorial services for your office call us at 714-609-8556.

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